Why is Stump Grinding Necessary?

A garden with stumps all over doesn’t look good at all. It often happens that you move into a new home and see the garden full of stumps left by the previous owner, who didn’t bother to get them removed. And sometimes, when a tree dies, and all that is left is a stump, we feel too lazy to call in a tree contractor and get it removed. However, stump grinding is not just necessary to restore the physical appearance of a garden or lawn, it poses other problems too. For instance, dead tree stumps can be hazardous and once they start to rot, it can mar the appearance of your yard big time.

Why should you opt for stump removal? Here goes:

Aesthetic Reasons

Think about a well-tended lawn with beautiful plants and trees and then imagine a rotting, huge, and oddly-shaped stump right in the middle. Doesn’t it spoil the scene completely? Anyone visiting you will think that the garden is cluttered and neglected big time. Stump grinding is all the more important if it is in a business establishment. If you want to create good first impressions in the minds of your clients and visitors, it is necessary to get rid of any stumps beforehand. It will make the area seem neat and tidy.

Safety and Health Factors

People often think how can tree stumps be hazardous when they are harmless? If you have children, they might try to climb on to the stump or play on it, which might lead to them falling or getting fatal splinters. People might not notice them underfoot and trip, which may cause injuries. Stumps that start to rot are breeding grounds for vermin and pests and they also attract carpenter ants and termites.

How does Stump Grinding Work?

If you are felling a tree and then getting the stump removed, or simply getting rid of a stump, the process is same. However, this is not a job that you can do all by yourself. Stump grinding requires specialized techniques using tools and equipment that are available with tree service professionals. After the stump is removed from your property, you can plant the empty space with yet another sapling or simply with green grass, even if the roots are underground as they decay naturally over time.

Conduct some research before you hire a tree service expert so that you know you are getting true value for money. Fees for stump grinding are reasonable, and you should definitely not hesitate when it comes to the safety of your family. You can compare quotes from 2-3 companies before taking a decision to hire a firm that best suits your requirements and budget.


Maintenance and Removal of Palm Trees Requires Efficiency and Knowledge

Your property might look beautiful, adorned with lush palm trees, which give the place an exotic, natural feel. However, the feeling will not remain if the trees are not taken care of. The palm tree, like any other tree or plant, requires care and attention, but the wrong kind of care and attention can make things go horribly wrong. Therefore, in order to take care of, and maintain your palm trees, you should trust only the best of people.

The palm tree requires trimming of unwanted part. Some of the kinds require annual trimming. They require pruning, they require storm damage control, after a heavy storm, and they also require mulching. If you want to remove your palm tree, the more efficient agencies can help you do that successfully. If you want to remove your tree, and if you have to cut it down due to some reason or another, trust only the best, with palm tree removal, and stump grinding.

Stump grinding is a process which follows the removal of the palm trees. After the tree has been cut into pieces and dismantled, what remains on the ground is the stump. Most ordinary agencies, which do not do substantial work, would leave the stump as it is, without realizing the mistake of doing so.

Firstly, leaving the stump there will increase the probability of a palm tree growing on it some day or another. Also, the stump, after grinding, becomes very good for mulching, so when the stump is left as it is, valuable material is lost, to fertilize the soil. Therefore, stump grinding is very important. The good agencies come armed with good stump grinding tools such as the Alpine Magnum hand held stump grinder. This is one of the latest of machines to be used for grinding.

Stump grinding helps with a lot of things:

  1. The area can be cleared for landscaping jobs
  2. Human labour is not required, for digging out the stump manually
  3. The mulch made from the material is very potent, as has been mentioned before
  4. One does not have to kill the stump by injecting chemicals inside it, so the soil does not get polluted.
  5. The palm tree will never grow back in that area
  6. And, even if the area is left as it is, the absence of a stump will make it look neater, and prettier.

However, even stump grinding is not a simple task, and it takes still and labor, along with intensive knowledge. As has been proved agencies which do not have adequate knowledge about such things will do a very bad job at palm tree removal. So get only the best.

Stump Grinding Service for Palm Trees

You know it is time to approach a professional stump grinding service when the palm trees in your area has grown too old, or they are causing considerable amount of damage to your surroundings. After you have gotten the tree cut and removed, the next question that pops up is, what should be done with the stump?

Why consider stump grinding?

If you are getting a tree removed from your area, it is very important that you also get the stump removed. Once a tree has been brought down, its roots would obviously stop growing in no time, as there does not exist any encouragement for new growth. Also, the roots of the trees that have been brought down will also stop growing in some time. Merely cutting, mowing, or using chemicals will not help in addressing the issue here. So, stump grinding is needed. A stump that is rotting and lying there unattended will attract large number of pests like termites and white ants. Apart from this, unattended stumps can also ruin the total look of your garden or house area. For your own safety reasons also, it is important that you have the stumps removed. If left over the ground level, it can cause accidents as well. After a tree has been removed, you might also wish to pave over that particular area. It is for this reason also that you need to get rid of the stumps.

All about stump grinding

Stump grinding has got to be the safest and the best possible way to get rid of a tree stump, once the tree is no more. The surface roots of a tree and the stump both can be grinded. This entire process of stump grinding helps in minimising the regrowth of trees, leaves that particular ground area landscaping friendly, and makes it safe as well. In short, you can put this area to different other uses, once you have gotten rid of the stump as well, along with the tree. You would be surprised to know that a task that sounds as difficult as this takes only about half an hour to get done! Yes, you heard us rights – half an hour is all that it takes to make a ground free of tree stumps and ready to be used for different purposes yet again! And, you would hardly be able to recognise that same area later on as having a tree.

Tree stump grinding happens to be a supremely specialized kind of work that relies on the right amount of expertise and correct grinding equipments. So, make sure that you approach professional stump grinding firms that are well equipped with experts and suitable equipments to address your stump grinding needs.